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Dynamic Trading Company
Dynamic Trading Company
George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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Our Products

Unique Tyre CouplingsYes! I am interested

PX Series couplings are light weight tyre type flexible couplings, has less mechanical losses and are economical. These couplings are easy to installl and need no special toolings. Their inspection can be done without dismentalling them. These couplings need no maintenance or lubrication etc., Standard range covers continuous torque uoto 5.500 NM.



PH Series couplings,in a new sofisticated design, are used to neutralise parellel, axial and angular misallignments upto 8mm., 12mm and 6 degree respectively. It cushions shock loads, absorbs tortional & lateral vibrations.

These couplings consists of punched & slitted tyre firmly bolted with twin hubs and flanges through the hole punched in the tyre, eliminatimg any possibility of the tyre slipping out of the assembly, in all conditions.



UNIQUE Tyre Type Automatic Flexible Cushion Couplings are used to neutralise parellel axial and angular misallignments, Endfloats singaly or in combination and to absorb vibration and cushion shocks. The heart of UNIQUE couplings is a tyre shaped radially split flexible member made of Neoprene / Nitrile / Natural rubber compounds reinforced with Nylon / Rayon cords. Special construction of flexible member allows it to flex at will in all directions with negligible heat build up / powerloss. Thus long life nor only for coupling but also for connected equipment is assured. These couplings are easy to install. Replacement of the flexible member can also be done quickly and easily. Inspeciton of these coupling can also be done without dismentalling them since there is no moving part no lubrication is required.

Industrial Fluid CouplingsYes! I am interested
When the Elecon - Fluid Couplings is filled with oil to the appropriate level and the motor is switched on, oil in the passages between the vanes of the impeller is accelerated radially outwards gaining energy all the time until it reaches the maximum circuit diameter. The oil then passes from the impeller to the runner in which it is forced to move inwards between the vanes and as its radial velocity falls energy is transferred to the runner and output shaft. Because the oil passes directly from the impeller to the runner, (there is no reaction member, as in a torque converter), the efficiency is high, with full load slips of between 2 and 5% being achieved in practice and depending on the application and size selection.
Windage and oil circulation losses are negligible therefore efficiency equals 100% slip %. Should an overload occur the fluid coupling will stall, i.e. slip 100 % at a torque value determined by the initial oil filling level. Thus motor and machine are both protected.
ELECON hydrokinetic constant filling fluid couplings have the following advantages :


The level of performance achieved by Fluid Coupling is governed mainly by the design of its working circuit which includes the shape of the circuit, number of vanes in the circuit, the vanes placement etc. The working circuit developed by Elecon is out of number of years of experience in the field and is vital in the performance of the fluid coupling. Elecon Fluid couplings are very rugged in construction, simple in design and reliable in operation.


When Elecon fluid coupling is connected to the drive system it allows the motor to start practically at no load. This results in reduced starting current enabling quick start and acceleration of the drive motor.


It gives gradual start to driven equipment and thus provides smooth and shockless transmission.


Driving and driven equipments suffer less wear and tear and thus there is reduction in electrical and mechanical maintenance cost.


In case of overload, accidental jamming, the transmission torque is limited by the fluid coupling and thereby providing protection to the electric motor and the connected machine. In case of extended jamming period, fusible plug blow off will empty the fluid coupling thereby disconnecting the output from the input, and protecting both driving and driven equipment. To prevent the loss of oil and to have an additional safety device, thermal trig switch can be provided when demanded in addition to the fusible plug.
Flexible Jaw / Spacer CouplingYes! I am interested

We are the finest suppliers of Jaw/spacer (Powertech), the best coupling device for our valued customer. We offer this range of Jaw/spacer (Powertech) coupling in varied sizes and lengths. We fabricate this product as per the demand, need and requirement of our clients. Our customer can avail this product range with us at much comparable prices. 

Grid and Spring CouplingsYes! I am interested
Powertech Grid / Spring Couplings give you a combination of advantages of high power rating of a gear coupling and flexibility of elastomer coupling. They are easy to install and simple to maintain. The flexible grids are quickly replaceable without disturbing the connected equipment.
Powertech Grid / Spring Couplings are available in broad range of sizes covering from 0.45 kW to 1307 kW per 100 rpm and bores upto 267mm.

Construction :

A High torque Grid / Spring Coupling basically comprises a grid spring which connects two hubs – one on the driving and the other on the driven shafts – through axially cut grooves around the peripheries of the two hubs. The spring, which is of special design compatible to the required characteristics of the system, form a series of Grid / Spring bridges along the grooves. The grooves are flared to allow the grid members long flexible spans under normal loads as well as better support by the sides of the grooves under over load conditions.
The stiffness of the spring and thus the coupling depends on the length of each flexible span not in the contact with the grooves. Subsequently, the contact length changes with every variation in torque, resulting in change in the stiffness of the coupling at every instant during a vibration cycle. Consequently this produces a powerful detuning action resulting in continuous alteration of the torsional vibration frequency and prevention of a build up of resonance in the system.
The principle of design adopted in Grid / Spring Coupling, makes it capable to accommodate considerable axial, parallel and angular misalignment between a driving machine and a driven machine. Simultaneously, it can absorb considerable overloads due to high torque with consequent reduction in wear and tear on plants and machinery. With the use of Grid / Spring couplings, break-down and down time in any manufacturing unit, will be minimum.
Variable Speed PulleyYes! I am interested

We are engaged in the trading and supplying of the finest quality of Variable Speed Pulley, which is use for conversion of constant speed motor in to a variable speed smoothly and accurately even if machine is in motion. The product is fabricated from superior quality of raw material and available in various sizes to meet the requirements of customer. The product is available with us at competitive prices.

Construction & Working

Pulley disks (A) slide axially along the serrated hub (B) and are forced on to the working flanks of the variable speed belt (C) by special basket shaped springs (D). These special basked shaped springs are located in rotational symmetry on both the disks & provide the required force for efficient power transmission. The connection between the pulley disks & the hub is through serrations. Due to these serrations, mirror allowable surface pressures are maintained. Therefore a very long life is achieved.

Speed Adjus™ent

The drive motor with its variable speed pulley is fitted to the adjustable motor slide base. By adjusting the center distance between the driver and driven shafts, the wide section V- belt is pulled either further in or further out of the spring loaded variable speed pulley and thereby the speed of the fixed pulley. In addition to the motor slide base, speed adjus™ent can be made with motor jacks or jockey pulley.

Swati Motor Slide Base are of flat & solid design. They are robust with perfect parallelogram guide ways, ensuring quite running of Swati Variable Speed Pulleys. To limit the adjus™ent range two end stops are provided. Three Sizes are available in different configurations.

Angular handwheel (u) – The handwheel is fixed at 33° above horizontal plane.

Straight handweel (st) – The handwheel is parallel to the horizontal

Round MountsYes! I am interested

We are one of the efficient and prominent suppliers and traders of Round Machine Mounting, procured from reliable vendors. Our range of Round Machine Mounting especially designed for easy installing of machinery with minimal noise and least inherent and external vibrations. Our range of Round Machine Mounting is available in 9 models with varied bearing capacity suitable for different loads. The product is applicable in milling, grinding machines, knibllers, wood working machines, power and hydraulic presses and many others. 


It facilities easy installation of machines, arrest noise level - External and inherent vibraions. Adjustable built -in guide help precise levelling of machineds and keep the machine static. Louison round adjustable mountings are available in nine models to suit different load bearing capacity. Proper selectioon of the devices improve mechanical efficiency.

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Dynamic Trading Company

  • Nature of BusinessWholesale Trader
  • Total Number of Employees11 to 25 People
  • Year of Establishment1986
  • Legal Status of FirmPartnership Firm
  • GST No.33AAAFD0467E3ZZ

Dynamic Trading Company, incepted in the year of 1984 in Chennai is broadly in the business of trading, importing, exporting and supplying supreme quality mechanical transmission products. The products offered by our team of highly experiencedstaff is MechanicalTransmission Couplings, Tools, Industrial Automation Components, Universal Joints, Industrial Engineering Tools, Ball Transfer Units, Couplings, Seal / O-Rings, Pulleys, Automation Components, Grippers and Mountings.

Our company is in collaboration with the well known international and national agencies. The products offered by us are widely reckoned as they assure the accordance with the required quality parameters. We are also known as leading dealers, Distributors and Stockists form many high brand manufacturers to sell and stock their range of products. In addition to this, we are also appreciated for our quality standards across the globe. Further, we uphold adequate stocks in all the brands and are also in connection to supply both non-standard and standard sizes.


Dynamic Trading CompanyDynamic Trading Company



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Dynamic Trading Company
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